Old Norwegian Christmas postcards

Genealogical research in Norway

A group of nisser, notice the pigs.

The custom of writing Christmas cards began in Norway in the 1870’s, but at that time they were forwarded in person. The Norwegian postal service believes that the first card was sent in the mail in 1883. Two years later the custom was so widespread that they had to hire more staff at the post offices to handle the increased number of cards. In other parts of Europe, customs regarding the use of Christmas cards were similar.

Two “views” of King Haakon VII. Haakon was born as prince Carl in Denmark and was elected as King in Norway in 1905. He was married to princess Maud, daughter of king Edvard VII and Queen Alexandra (from Denmark).

In 1900 “everybody” wrote Christmas cards. The pictures on the cards could be reproductions ofpaintings of the great artists; they could depictnisser(more about that…

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